Bosal asks: Why type approval?

Global manufacturer is committed to developing type-approved products which help sustain the environment

Bosal asks: Why type approval?
A Bosal catalytic converter.

Type approval guarantees that the aftermarket replacement part is equal to the vehicle manufacturer’s original equipment specifications.

Bosal constantly aims for the highest possible standards and strives to implement OE technology to its aftermarket products.

Environmental benefits

Europe is years ahead of the UK in terms of environmental awareness: in most European countries, it is illegal to fit an exhaust system that does not carry type approval, making the UK a dumping ground for non-approved cheap imports.

As a benefit to the environment, the specifications of a type-approved exhaust ensure the engine is working within the correct air fuel ratio, providing maximum power whilst maintaining the least fuel consumption, ensuring cleaner emissions, lower noise levels and improved fuel economy.

Type approval is a major point of differentiation for Bosal products, offering customers a genuine opportunity to make a statement of environmental responsibility by choosing to fit type-approved.

Right fit, first time

Some exhaust companies cross reference their part numbers to Bosal part numbers which can lead to problems, as not every exhaust company is the same in the way they approach type approval.

For example, one company may use the worst-case scenario and test for the largest engine, then cascade the design over the lesser engine sizes for both petrol and diesel.

Bosal would type-approve to both engine size and fuel type individually, ensuring a better result rather than a ‘one size fits all’, as each has different noise and back pressure requirements.

One Bosal number may cross reference to many competitor numbers and choosing the wrong one because they look physically similar could cause problems or delays for the customer.

Providing Bosal with the registration number of the vehicle allows them to locate the correct part on behalf of the customer, as with newer vehicle models there are many chassis codes, engine codes and horse powers to consider.

Avoid liability

Any Bosal cat part number beginning with 099 or 090 is fully type-approved and comes with a full fitting kit.

The Blue Angel certified range of cats are made of eco-friendly materials and are tested to very high TUV standards.

Bosal’s type-approved DPF range can be identified by the part numbers beginning with 095 and 097.

For vehicles registered on or before 1st March 2001, the cat does not need to be type-approved and Bosal has a range of cats for these vehicles which can be identified by the number 098.

It’s important to remember that garages could be liable for a £5,000 fine for supplying a vehicle registered on or after 1st March 2001 with a non-approved cat.

For further information on Bosal, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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