Car mechanics under ‘unprecedented pressure’, warns garage boss

His workshop costs have increased by 30-40 percent

Car mechanics under ‘unprecedented pressure’, warns garage boss
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A Norwich garage owner has warned that the combination of a shortage of car parts and inflation is putting the nation’s car mechanics under “unprecedented pressure“.

Shawn Taylor, owner of STR Service Centre, told the Eastern Daily Press that some customers are having to wait up to six months for repair work.

He said: “A lot of experienced technicians left the game during Covid and never came back. That’s pushed wages up because we’re having to compete with other garages to attract staff.

“But the problem with that is we don’t have the money to keep putting up peoples’ pay – even though we would love to.”

He told the paper he has increased prices by around 10 percent, but this isn’t enough to cover the surge in running costs, which have risen by 30 to 40 percent.

“You can only pass on the cost to customers so much before you price yourself out of the market,“ he confessed, “but the truth is we’re barely breaking even right now.”

Source: Eastern Daily Press


  1. Not sure what kind of work he’s doing, but for me as a MOT and service/repair garage, I have no issues with parts. Yes prices have gone up, but overall, only by a few percent.

  2. Costs have gone up 30 to 40% wow I need to come and work for you. I’d love that sort of wage rise

  3. Wise up chap, sit down and look at your electric bill increase, rates bill increase, wages must also increase, employee pension additions etc
    unless you are only changing oil all day only, dealer specific parts on back order are at an all time high, look at the costings, through the roof or creeping up that direction, you must be blinkered totally fella 100%, or maybe you are a cash in hand assisting the trade in the race to the bottom??

  4. All garages face the same skills shortage. I imagine he is sourcing his parts from a motor factor rather than a main dealer. Maybe look at his staff productivity and re-visit his labour cost. You don’t have to be the cheapest if you work is high quality. In my area garages are fully booked up with work and parts availability is very good. But I do agree there is a skills shortage in the market. But has he looked at all available avenues for staff?


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