Care worker stranded 10 months by Vauxhall parts delay

Owner stuck paying for car they can’t use

Care worker stranded 10 months by Vauxhall parts delay

Michelle Clarke, a care home deputy manager in Scotland, is furious after her Vauxhall Astra has been stuck waiting for repairs for 10 months.

The ordeal began in August 2023 with a broken clutch on the A96. Fearn Service Station diagnosed the problem, but a replacement part from Vauxhall has been elusive.

Despite repeated efforts by Clarke and the garage, Vauxhall offered no compensation or courtesy car. Clarke remains financially burdened, paying for a car she can’t use while wedding plans are impacted.

A glimmer of hope emerged only after press involvement. Vauxhall finally located a potential part in Germany, but Clarke questions why this wasn’t done months ago.

Vauxhall has apologised for the “inconvenience” and offered to cover the roughly £300 part cost, despite Clarke’s expired warranty.

Source: Press & Journal


  1. I’m not surprised. All too common with Vauxhall and dare I say it Peugeot too.
    I was recently told mid May, part back ordered til November. I put the customer in a courtesy car and luckily part arrived 4th June. This was after multiple changes to part eta.

  2. I also have a Vauxhall Astra 2015 I bought 4 years ago it passed every mot every year until this year. I took my car for an mot on Feb 7th two weeks before it was due this year 2024. Apparently the car failed it’s mot due to an egg in the nearside tyre due to pot holes in St Helens Merseyside and a cracked fuel pipe. The tyre was brand new in the Oct 2023, so I replaced the tyre for a new one. The fuel pipe part no 13269913 was ordered from lookers Vauxhall dealers St Helens Merseyside, but the dealers stated it was on a back order which meant it was not in stock.
    I asked when it would be delivered to the dealers they said there’s no estimated time of arrival, they said it could take months or up to a year.
    I am a nursing assistant and needed a car to travel to work I was in limbo no car no job. So I had to leave my car parked at the mot centre no insurance no tax and unroadworthy till the part was available to replace my current cracked fuel line.
    I got in touch with Vauxhall customer service Luton Bedfordshire. They gave me a case number and said they would contact me if the part was available. I am still waiting today June 07 2024. I phoned Vauxhall customer service time and time again but nothing . Customer service sent me an email apologizing stating they would prioritize the part to the highest level and work with the backlog team.
    But I never heard anything.
    I explained to them that it’s unbelievable you can not get a part for your car a 2015 model waiting since Feb 7th and still no part. Vauxhall customer service don’t care. Vauxhall advertise for people to buy cars that you can’t get parts for.
    I ended up spending all my holiday money on a little run around car to take me to work as I have to travel various places. No job no money.
    I have never known anything like it, even my friends say that can’t be justifiable.
    I’d like to make people aware that buying a Vauxhall car is risky when you can’t obtain spare parts needed.
    Couple of weeks ago was told it should approx be available from opel Germany for 30 June but should arrive at lookers Vauxhall dealers St Helens in the first week of July
    Here’s hoping.
    Asked for compensation from customer service backlog team via email but no reply, because my car has been stuck at the mot garage my brakes pads need to be replaced.

  3. Same issue 11 weeks car has been off the road and no parts available clutch has gone still paying finance and insurance on car that can’t drive.

  4. Don’t buy a Vauxhall anymore, they don’t exist anymore,,, PSA Bought them,,, older Vauxhall will be difficult to maintain ,,,, just switch to different brand!

  5. I have had the same issue with my 2015 Astra. The fuel pipe 13269913 needed replacing as it failed the MOT 24th April. After contacting Vauxhall spares Thurlow Nunn was told that part has not been available since Feb 24 and is back order. Contacted customer care (don’t care) who said it would be put on a priority order.The update from them is this part will be arriving in the UK beginning of July 2024. No customer care or compensation.


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