CarVue release new dashboard and sales interface

The easy-to-use dashboard updates have been made in response to user feedback

CarVue release new dashboard and sales interface
CarVue has launched a cleaner, more intuitive dashboard.

The user experience of CarVue’s home dashboard and sales module has seen major developments to help make the system easier to use.

Prominent links to the CarVue garage set-up wizard, quick start guides and a help squad help aid CarVue newcomers.

The updates also allow users to customise the dashboard to their own preferences and toggle on or off a detailed view of the workshop or sales departments.

The Vehicle Sales interface has also been improved with clear stock records.

CarVue’s Marketing Director, Alex Knight said: “We’ve simplified and reduced the amount of links to different areas of CarVue, and redesigned it, so with each module you can now view, search and add records all in the one place.”

A new ‘hide’ feature allows garages to show or hide profits.

Alex said: “This came from our customer feedback forum – and we saw that it made good sense for where a customer may see your CarVue screen to be able to show and hide the deal profit.”

CarVue is a cloud-based system, with no requirement for specific IT hardware, and can be used on any device with a connection to the internet and set up ‘within minutes’.
To find out more, or to register now for CarVue Free, please visit the new website using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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