Solved: Brake light issue on 2015 SEAT Leon

How ALLDATA Europe turned a confused customer into a happy customer

Solved: Brake light issue on 2015 SEAT Leon

ALLDATA Europe, a provider of original vehicle manufacturer repair, maintenance and diagnostic data, supplies genuine procedures for more than 133,000 vehicle combinations and has an archive of eight million technical repair methods.

However, when further assistance is required, ALLDATA Europe’s technical support specialists can come to subscribers’ aid. With a targeted response time of just four hours that is regularly fulfilled a lot faster, subscribers can rely on the team to minimise downtime and provide a solution.

This was one on those occasions when ALLDATA Europe’s technical support team were required. A 2015 SEAT Leon 1.4 TGi had recently failed its MOT due to its brake lights not working. The technician attending the job began by verifying the condition of the brake light bulbs, ensuring they were in good working order.

Upon inspection, it was determined that there was no power supply reaching the bulbs. Despite efforts to locate a specific fuse, none could be found in the vehicle. Consequently, the decision was made to investigate the brake light switch; however, upon removing the lower half of the dash to access the brake pedal, it became apparent that there was no brake light switch attached to it.

This discovery left the technician uncertain about the location and operation of the brake lights. This prompted the need for assistance from ALLDATA Europe’s technical support team.

Thankfully, this was a request that had been received and resolved by the group of specialists before. From the outset, it’s important to state that had the technician in question had access to quality repair information from the start, it would’ve been a straightforward repair.

With quality repair information readily available, they could have referred to the wiring diagram for the brake lights. This would have highlighted the fact that the brake light bulbs are module-run and do not rely on a specific fuse, thus saving valuable time.

Furthermore, they would have been able to access the replacement instructions for the brake light switch, which would have revealed that the switch is not located on the brake pedal as initially assumed. Instead, it is situated under the bonnet, within the brake master cylinder.

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