Banner backs oval racing team

The company, which holds exclusive rights to produce and market Duracell automotive batteries, will now sponsor the emerging team of Luke Loveland Racing

Banner backs oval racing team

Banner, manufacturer of batteries and battery accessories, is extending its involvement in UK oval track racing for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

Alongside the new sponsorship, Banner will continue its direct support of Charlie Bull Racing for the 2024 season, marking a new era of competition between two leading names in lead acid batteries on the UK oval track racing scene.

Banner Country Manager, Lee Quinney, said:

“The fusion of Banner and Duracell Automotive will bring unmatched energy to the track. Luke Loveland Racing, backed by the indomitable Duracell Automotive brand, is primed to set new standards of excellence this season and beyond. And with Luke’s unwavering dedication, coupled with Duracell Automotive’s support, will hopefully position us for championship glory.”

Racer Luke Loveland added: “It’s a privilege to partner with Duracell Automotive, a brand synonymous with power and performance. With this unparalleled backing, the race team is poised and committed to unleash its full potential on the track. We’re ready to seize championship glory this season and beyond.”

The UK oval track-racing season consists of 16 events across circuits, mainly in the Midlands and southern England. Each event involves three races, with cars reaching speeds over 65 mph.

Find out more about Banner batteries here, and Duracell car batteries here.

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