Bartec navigates shortages to engineer strong sales growth in 2022

UK TPMS manufacturer anticipated worldwide shortages and stocked up at start of pandemic

Bartec navigates shortages to engineer strong sales growth in 2022

Barnsley based TPMS manufacturer, Bartec Auto ID has seen strong growth in sales of TPMS sensors and tools worldwide during 2021.

The launch of three new TPMS tools, the TECH350, TECH450, and TECH600, resulted in existing tools users upgrading their experience and taking advantage of WiFi connectivity for software and coverage upgrades.

The tools link to TPMS Desktop which has a library of information about TPMS and stores the repair data for later audit.

The tools support the major brands of universal aftermarket TPMS sensors such as Schrader, BHSens, Alligator, and Bartec’s own RiteSensor.

These sensors can be programmed by the tools to generate a replacement for a broken TPMS sensor being removed from a vehicle.

A spokesperson said: “Sales of Bartec RiteSensor grew strongly in 2021 reflecting advances in coverage to over 97 per cent of vehicles and the underlying growth in demand from the market as the MOT sees ever increasing numbers of cars failing for TPMS faults and drivers turn to tyre shops for repairs.

“Bartec has moved to increase its customer support resources to service the increasing customer base.

“Anticipating shortages of components and increased lead-times for delivery, Bartec stocked up at the start of the pandemic and has seen the benefit of that gamble as other suppliers have suffered from shortages and long-lead times and have had to introduce price increases.”

Bartec holds stock of its products for immediate supply to UK customers.

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