Bartec releases new Bluetooth TPMS sensor

RITE-SENSOR BLUE suitable for Tesla Models S, 3, X and Y

Bartec releases new Bluetooth TPMS sensor

Bartec Auto ID has announced the launch of its RITE-SENSOR BLUE, the latest innovation designed to satisfy an emerging need in TPMS Service.

A Bluetooth TPMS Replacement Sensor, for Electric Vehicles like Tesla, RITE-SENSOR BLUE is fast and easy to use.

Simply test for a faulty sensor with a Bartec TPMS Tool, install the Rite-Sensor Blue and then drive the vehicle.

The resulting repair saves both time and money for the technician and customer.

RITE-SENSOR BLUE is suitable for Tesla Models S, 3, X and Y, right out of the box.

The Bartec Next Generation TPMS tools TECH600 and TECH450 activate and decode the OE fitted sensor to diagnose a fault such as low battery in the sensor.

Making vehicle diagnosis accurate and fast.

If one of the OE sensors fail due to low battery, then there is a chance that the other sensors on the car will also fail having experienced the same duty cycle.

The tools will diagnose this for the technician and enable the repair of multiple sensors at one visit if required.

And, keeping up with demand the RITE-SENSOR BLUE has three stem options to meet the various wheel colours. The standard Silver, Black anodized and Graphite are offered.

Managing director, Colin Webb, said: “The Rite-Sensor Blue and the associated tool diagnostics are the latest example of how Bartec are out in front of the TPMS market with solutions.

“Tesla led the way with this technology, but several other OEs are planning to fit Bluetooth sensors and we look forward to supporting our Tyre shop and Repair shop customers with effective tools and sensors ahead of the market.”

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