BGA introduces range of rocker covers and inlet manifolds

Part of its rapidly growing engine ventilation range

BGA introduces range of rocker covers and inlet manifolds

Due to high demand, BGA has introduced more than 100 premium quality rocker covers and inlet manifolds, showcasing its commitment to product evolution.

BGA is the aftermarket division of 4BG Group established in 1929, an OE manufacturer with a range of injection moulding manufacturing machines, giving BGA the edge with precision machinery, technical expertise, and raw materials when it comes to plastic manufactured parts.

Both the rocker covers and inlet manifolds are manufactured for optimal performance and come with a promise of precision and durability.

They not only match, but often exceed OE standards, backed by continuous research and development.


Range: More than 100 high-demand, relevant parts with a promise of continuous growth.
Quality: BGA guarantees OE standard quality across all products.
Legacy: Backed by the expertise of 4BG Group, Injection Moulding since 1929, BGA excels in expertise, precision machinery and raw materials.
Engineering: Products are designed for optimal fit and performance.
Compatibility: Easy installation with necessary gaskets and bolts.
Performance: BGA’s products often exceed OE standards, thanks to ongoing R&D.
First time fit: All rocker covers and inlet manifolds come with bolts and gaskets where necessary.

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