Boston Garage Equipment highlights ‘any post control’ features

Optional 'any post control' can be added at any time to current range of Boston lifts

Boston Garage Equipment highlights ‘any post control’ features

Boston Garage Equipment is this week reporting the benefits of its popular ‘any post control’ APC, which can be added to existing Boston four-post ramps.

All four-post lifts are pre-wired to provide control of the lift from any post.

The feature provides unique flexibility for the operator to simply switch from post to post, saving time and money.

The controls automatically isolate other posts when in use providing 100 per cent safety.

A Boston spokesperson said: “To change using one post to any other is a single plug-in and go procedure taking just seconds.

“This very convenient option saves time and money, avoiding the need to keep returning to any one corner of the lift every time to control lift movements.

“By comparison, ordinary lifts now seems outdated.”

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