Castrol launches new, fully synthetic lubricant

Suitable for over 90 percent of dual-clutch transmissions in Europe 

Castrol launches new, fully synthetic lubricant

Castrol has launched Transmax Dual Multivehicle, a new, fully synthetic transmission fluid designed specifically for wet dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs).

The new lubricant has been engineered to deliver smoother shifts for enhanced operational efficiency, as well as maximise the operational life of transmission components.

Transmax Dual Multivehicle is suitable for use in more than 90 percent of wet dual-clutch transmissions in the European car parc, including most six- and seven-speed wet DCTs used in passenger vehicles manufactured by Ford, Volkswagen Group, Nissan, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

This ‘one fluid’ solution helps to simplify the product selection and ordering process for solus and multi-marque workshops.

On average, a modern automatic transmission can feature as many as 1,000 parts, with gear changes taking place up to 88,000 times a year during typical city driving. This pressure can make transmissions work harder than ever before, with increased shudder, gear stiffness and component damage possible if the vehicle’s transmission fluid wears out or goes without the correct friction level.

Castrol’s new Transmax Dual Multivehicle transmission fluid with Smooth Drive Technology features active control molecules that automatically adjust their management of friction under changing pressures and speed.

This ensures the transmission is constantly served the right level of friction at any given moment, protecting the parts, and delivering a smoother drive for longer.

The delivery of smooth shifts, longer component life and enhanced operational efficiency have all been confirmed following extensive analysis by Castrol’s technology experts. When testing Transmax Dual Multivehicle against another genuine oil, the new product provided smooth shifts more than two times longer, performing effectively at up to 17,000 cycles compared to just 7,500 for the genuine oil, at which point, shift shudder occurs.

Transmission bearings also exhibited 80 percent less wear, along with a 50 percent less viscosity increase in oxidised oil.

Simon Gurney, technology deployment manager at Castrol said: “The mechanical demands placed on today’s wet dual clutch transmissions are more substantial than ever, so it’s vital that they can be protected against these pressures to avoid component failure.

“Following an extensive test and development process, Castrol Transmax Dual Multivehicle with Smooth Drive Technology offers unparalleled protection for the majority of DCTs in operation across Europe, providing workshops with a ready-made solution.”

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