Castrol launches new HGV long drain oil

VECTON LONG DRAIN 5W-30 E6/E9, a fully synthetic engine oil for commercial vehicles

Castrol launches new HGV long drain oil

Vectron is designed to lubricate and safeguard heavy-duty vehicles for an extended period, while meeting all performance and regulatory requirements across Europe.

This new lubricant complies with the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers’ (ACEA) 2022 specifications for Heavy-Duty (HD) engines.

Vecton Long Drain offers an enhanced specification profile, including the new ACEA HD specifications E8 and E11. These tackle the increasing complexity of hardware and the rising adoption of alternative fuels. The lubricant also provides increased protection against oxidation and deposits.

Castrol conducted two new tests during its development to ensure optimal performance in both aeration and oxidation control. The product has now received global approval for a larger number of OEM specifications than its predecessor, including MAN M 3775 / 3677, Volvo VDS-4.5 and Deutz DQC IV-18 LA specifications.

Workshop staff can find more information about the new product within Castrol’s Oil Finder Tool. Castrol has also renamed Castrol VECTON FUEL SAVER 5W-30 E7 to Castrol VECTON LONG DRAIN 5W-30 E7.

For more information, visit the Castrol website here.

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