Comline control arms designed for quality and easy fitment

Manufactured within quality-controlled, ISO-accredited production facilities

Comline control arms designed for quality and easy fitment

At this time of year, when steering and suspension parts are put under stress due to inclement weather and potentially challenging and deteriorating road conditions, Comline Auto Parts is ready to come to technicians’ aid with quality, durable replacements.

Among these components, the control arm is a critical player – Comline puts this vital part under the microscope.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the Comline steering and suspension range is manufactured within quality-controlled, ISO-accredited production facilities, ensuring each component meets the performance requirements to withstand even the toughest environments. Every part distributed by Comline is crafted to this meticulous standard.

Comline is proud to put its name on the parts it distributes; it recognises that the presence of its logo and engraving of a batch code offers both distributors and technicians complete traceability. It should also instil a layer of confidence in the installer fitting it.

Putting the customer first

Comline’s confidence in its product quality is backed by a comprehensive and unrelenting testing regime, such as 900-hours of salt spray – the equivalent to 10 years of regular on-vehicle usage. Three-axis testing also simulates real-world driving conditions, applying loads, movements, angles, and frequencies, which means technicians can be assured of fitting a tried and tested product capable of withstanding everything that modern motoring can throw at it.

With such stringent testing underpinning its range, Comline offers a three-year/36,000-miles warranty on every steering and suspension part.

Furthermore, Comline promises an easy fit. Frustrating installation challenges can lead to lost time and revenue for technicians, not to mention irritation for customers, but this hassle is eradicated by Comline. It addresses this problem by accompanying each steering and suspension part, including control arms, with all the necessary accessories for a quick, simple fitment.

Comline Augmented Reality (C.A.R): A unique perspective

Comline is a brand that doesn’t sit still; it is constantly thinking of creative and innovative ways to bolster relationships between its brand and customers – Comline Augmented Reality (C.A.R) is one such example.

This system harnesses cutting-edge 3D and AR technology to provide a unique and immersive exploration of its steering and suspension parts. The brand’s latest C.A.R visual gets under the skin of Comline’s CCA1414L control arm and features an aptly named ‘explosion’ button, which blows apart the product into its individual components for a fascinating insight.

Mobile users can take this experience further by exploiting the full power of C.A.R, which places the part directly into the user’s own environment.

Comline steering and suspension – in numbers

Comline offers a comprehensive selection of steering and suspension parts, with applications that include all makes of passenger cars, LCVs, hybrids and EVs – here the brand dives into the numbers:

The number of years Comline offers as a warranty across its steering and suspension range – three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first)

The number of hours dedicated to steering and suspension salt spray testing, which is the equivalent to 10 years of on-vehicle use

The number of Comline steering and suspension parts in-range

1 million
The number of cycles applied to each Comline component during three-axis testing, a vital process simulating real-world driving

The quantity of Comline steering and suspension parts sold annually, a number that continues to grow each year.

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