Corteco reveals air cabin filter evolution

Corteco micronAir blue cabin air filter contributes to a "holistic hygiene concept"

Corteco reveals air cabin filter evolution

With the invention of the first cabin air filter back in 1989, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies claims to have set a new standard for health protection and safety inside vehicles.

Its micronAir particle filter includes reliable fine dust, pollen, road dust, soot and bacteria protection.

This was later followed by another innovation: the micronAir combi filter.

A Corteco spokesperson said: “Although the filter media of both micronAir cabin air filters are essentially identical, the micronAir combi filter has an additional layer of activated carbon to adsorb odours and gases (e.g. benzene and ozone), which in turn is protected by a covering layer.

“This cabin air filter evolution has now led to the latest addition for the IAM: the micronAir blue cabin air filter.”

Blue cabin air filters provide protection by significantly reducing the concentration of viral and microbial aerosols.

The spokesperson added: “This is achieved by a unique progressive multi-layer design that effectively filters, captures and suppresses noxious environmental gases as well as inorganic and biological particles and aerosols.

“The fine particle filtration layers in the micronAir blue filters provide decisive protection against virus transmission.

“They demonstrably separate not only droplets (>5_m), but also critical viral aerosols.”

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