Corteco sets out ‘sealing technology’ expertise

Combined Simmerring radial shaft seal and elastomer encoder measures speed and rotation angle

Corteco sets out ‘sealing technology’ expertise

As oil seals become increasingly more complex, a strong original equipment pedigree allows Corteco to continue to deliver the most comprehensive range of oil seals in original quality to the automotive aftermarket for camshaft, crankshaft, high pressure pumps, auxiliary shaft, axles, transmission.

The Corteco range is derived from more than 7,000 gaskets and over 6,500 different shaft seals Simmering and valve stem seals that are available in OEM quality today.

After more than eighty years, Simmerring is a universally recognised brand name – with a range of applications that is constantly expanding.

A Corteco spokesperson said: “We provide a Find Your Seal tool, targeted directly for garages to support them finding the correct seal for the job they have on the go.

“The tool allows you to enter the dimensions found on the old seal and matches it directly to a part in our range. This provides you with the

“Corteco part number, clarifies the dimensions and also shows you what the seal is made of to give you full confidence in having found the correct product.

“From this you can directly call into the customer support team and get a quick quote of price and availability.

“The tool was implemented to reduce the amount of hassle mechanics use to face when replacing like for like and has enabled them to do so in a quick way saving them both time and money.”

By combining the original Simmerring radial shaft seal with an elastomer encoder to measure speed and rotation angle, Freudenberg has developed an innovative sealing solution: with the help of an integrated sensor the seal is able to measure speed precisely and therefore contributes to more efficiency in motor control.

This new principle has proven itself many times in the original equipment sector.

The spokesperson added: “The Corteco logo may be red, but the message is extensively green.

“Our sealing technologies are designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, controlling traffic pollution more effectively.

“Make Corteco the catalyst for your switch to the use of more sustainable and more eco-friendly aftermarket parts.

“Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has demonstrated its commitment to a cleaner environment with investment in long-term research and development programmes designed to achieve significant reductions in vehicle emissions.”

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