Delphi to deliver EV conversion training with Everrati

The module, TechSafe Part A, is expected to go live mid-2024

Delphi to deliver EV conversion training with Everrati

Delphi has announced a new partnership which will see classic car electrification specialist, Everrati, featured in new IMI TechSafe training from Delphi Academy focused on the electrification of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

It aims to share best practice advice for independent garages seeking new opportunities within the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) electro-mod conversion market by tapping into Everrati’s expertise.

“We’re going to have a wide range of EVs in the market and there’s a growing market for converting cherished older cars,” said Luke Garratt, UK technical services manager at Delphi.

“This training showcases EV re-engineering best practice and Everrati is a leading example of how to do it at the highest quality and OEM grade standard.”

The module, TechSafe Part A, is expected to go live mid-2024 and will cover all aspects of EV conversion including customer requirements, mechanical and electrical considerations, thermal management, chassis and weight distribution. It will also include training on recycling, recovery and new EV technology.

Established in 2019, Everrati re-powering cars with a sustainable and future-proofed electric powertrain. Each vehicle is painstakingly restored and updated using state-of-the-art technology, including a bespoke electric drivetrain and battery completing the transition into a new era of motoring.

Converting ICE vehicles into EV’s safely is a specialised job according to Tony Fong, head of engineering at Everrati. He said: “It’s essential that you assess the suitability, compatibility and controllability of EV components.

“You need to consider carefully how you source the battery, electrical drive unit (EDU) and charging systems. You’ll also need to consider the safe handling and storage of these parts and decide on the best placement of them on the vehicle with consideration of vehicle dynamics and safety.”

The continual professional development (CPD) content will help technicians maintain IMI TechSafe status. TechSafe is officially endorsed by the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and ensures complex automotive technologies such as EVs are safely and correctly repaired by qualified technicians.

Rhodri Darch, Everrati managing director said: “We have an opportunity to really drive a movement to deal with the 1.4 billion ICE vehicles on the road today by electrifying and making use of that rolling stock, preventing them from going to scrap and giving them a new lease of life. The key thing is to make sure we’re doing that safely and responsibly.”

Garages wishing to find out more can view Delphi’s latest Training Prospectus here.

Click here for further information about Delphi vehicle technician training.

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