DENSO launches new sensor leaflets

One for exhaust gas temperature sensors and another for mass air flow sensors

DENSO launches new sensor leaflets

The modern vehicle is fitted with a multitude of sensors to transfer operational data to its many electronic control units, to ensure it can be driven safely and to the maximum efficiency.

Therefore, as a major OE sensor supplier to vehicle manufacturers worldwide, DENSO has many replacement sensors in its extensive aftermarket range

Alongside these replacement sensors, DENSO also has a great deal of support material to help both the wholesalers supplying the parts and the workshops installing them, have access to the technical information they need to ensure the correct sensor is selected and fitted.

Among this material are two new leaflets, one for exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS) and another for mass air flow (MAF) sensors.

Both publications follow a similar format and begin by describing the role of the engine management system (EMS) and how it uses the elements within it, including EGTS and MAF sensors, to keep the engine operation to its optimum.

They highlight the DENSO EMS product range and its OE expertise before turning their attention to the technical details that workshops really need to understand to ensure the service and repair work they undertake is completed successfully.

Included in this technical matter are important subjects, such as product characteristics and design features, failures and symptoms, and removal and installation, as well as technical benefits and sensor location within various applications.

Although majoring on the technical aspects of these sensors, they also contain useful information for wholesalers when it comes to reasons for choosing to supply DENSO replacement sensors to their customers, for example.

As a result, included in the leaflets are details such as their unique selling points and features, and their OE design characteristics, as well as the OE coverage and consolidated aftermarket range.

You can download the leaflets via the DENSO website.

The new technical DENSO EGTS and MAF sensor leaflets proudly stand alongside many other similar publications and provide aftermarket professionals with the vital information they need to supply and fit OE quality replacement parts with confidence.

Further details of the entire DENSO Engine management system range can be found here.

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