Digital-Servicebook appoints new warranty manager

Latest appointment part of strategic plan to strengthen team

Digital-Servicebook appoints new warranty manager

Digital-Servicebook has announced the appointment of Peter Sahl as its new warranty manager.

A fiery soul who is passionate about car owners receiving an outstanding service and fair treatment in all aspects.

Kim Koch, CEO of Digital-Servicebook said: ”The hiring of Peter Sahl is part of a long-term and important strategic plan to strengthen the team.

“Digital-Servicebook is on a journey in the EU, with partners established in many countries, where the curve of workshops that use the system rapidly rising.

“For Digital-Servicebook, the hiring of Peter Sahl is very important, he comes with a strength and know-how from many years of experience in the automotive industry.

“Everything from car repair shops, car importers, car association work, where customer rights were the most important.’’

Peter said: “When Digital-Servicebook and I found each other, it’s because the product hits the nail on the head in terms of what I’m passionate about.

“Digital-Servicebook helps to ensure transparency and security, both for existing and future car owners, in that documentation for service and repairs, respectively, is always updated, is not damaged or disappears, and most importantly, there will be a history you can have 100 per cent confidence in.

“As Digital-Servicebook is not only national, but as the only register in the world of its kind that crosses national borders, it also secures against cheating with the odometer, cloning and much more.

“It is a unique tool not only for the car owner / consumer and the workshop, but also for car dealers, finance companies and authorities and many others.

“I have followed Digital-Servicebook from the very beginning, also from the sidelines, so this is a relationship that has developed. “

Peter’s ambitions and goals for Digital Servicebook is that work must be done to ensure an even better overview of information so that car owners, workshops, and car buyers, whether private or professional, can quickly get an insight into a car’s history.

Next, it must be considered to make the Digital Servicebook even more relevant for the car owner both in the form of several types of documentation, for example also by providing useful information for the operation of the car, in connection with the ownership.

Peter said: “It has been a pleasure to get into the family and everyone has given me a warm welcome.

“I’m looking forward to jumping on board and being a part of the journey.’’

CEO, Kim Koch said: “Peter Sahl’s task will be to maintain the company’s DNA, by ensuring the car repair shops and car owners, get all the help and data they need.

“It is important that they are protected.

“Car data is freely available, and it is the customers’ choice which workshop to use, and who will service their cars.

“Here we solve the problem, as we offer a unique product that can be used across all car brands, workshops, countries and much more.

“It is important to us that we can strengthen trust and strengthen security in the automotive industry.

“Our system secures the private user and dealers in warranty cases and against many types of fraud, could be mileage fraud, incorrect service entries or vehicle cloning.

“Digital-Servicebook can be used for free for car owners. Peter Sahl undertakes a large work area, where in addition to the above, he will also work to support wholesalers, spare parts suppliers, and their chains.

“The Digital-Servicebook team will be strengthened even further over the next few months as they are growing exponentially.

“We have gone from being a well-established company in the Nordic region, to taking on larger markets abroad.

“That’s why it’s crucial that we have the right team.”

Peter Sahl’s, car journey goes back a long way, with an experience in the industry of more than 35 years.

He was trained as a mechanic in the late 80s with Jens Winther in Roskilde, then he spent a couple of years in the military as a sergeant.

In the 90s, he went back to the workshop to gain even more experience as a mechanic at Bruus-Jensen Automobiles and Søren Hvalsø.

Here is when Peter found an interest in improving the car owner’s experience in the workshops and the ownership of a vehicle.

In 1999, it really took off, Peter took up the position as customer manager in Peugeot Denmark, he spent the next 10 years here, handling the cooperation in all the Peugeot workshops and dealer networks across Denmark.

Then it was a short visit outside the automotive industry as a service manager in Battenfeld Denmark, which delivers and services machines and equipment in the plastics industry.

The last 12 years were spent in FDM, where working for the car owner’s opportunities and rights from many different aspects was paramount. A workplace that was “fantastically exciting”, says Peter.

Digital-Servicebook, is the classic service book made digitally, and at the same time a huge car register with a lot of information.

An online service tool that helps car owners and repair shops keep track of service inspections, service history and other important information.

Instead of having all the important information left in an unmanageable physical service book that is easily lost or destroyed, the whole thing is secured digitally.

It can either be accessed via the Digital Servicebook app or on the website.

Useful in car sales: When buying or selling, to access reliable documentation and preserve the car’s resale value.

Useful to car owners: to keep track of the required service inspections and maintain your warranty.

All information about the car is stored digitally and is protected from tampering, this protects both parties against fraud and warranty cases, but also dealers against mileage cheating, cloning and more.

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