Be prepared for surge in demand for motorcycle batteries

Ecobat Battery says this is an ideal opportunity to increase sales and profit margins

Be prepared for surge in demand for motorcycle batteries

As motorcyclists prepare to take the wraps off their machines for the summer season, many will find that the battery needs replacing.

This provides garages and wholesalers with the opportunity to up-sell customers to a battery of superior performance and greater profit margin.

Unlike the leisure fraternity, many of whom will upgrade their battery almost on a whim, the average rider will not replace the battery spontaneously. Ecobat Battery says that when a replacement is required, they are generally more receptive to the idea of upgrading the standard battery for one that better suits the requirements of their machine and how they use it.

As a result, the company is encouraging garages to do a little research so that they can prepare themselves to take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.

Due to their comparatively small size, irrespective of whether the replacement is an original equipment (OE) or aftermarket variant, neither will come with more than a one year warranty, so suitability becomes an even more important factor and with its broad brand portfolio, Ecobat Battery can provide garages with multiple options – Exide, Lucas, Numax, Odyssey and VARTA – across all the current battery technologies.

Although AGM is increasingly the OE technology, the Ecobat Battery offering also includes Gel batteries, which provide a great solution for machines with high energy demands either as standard or due to added accessories, Lithium with its unrivalled cyclic capacity and lighter weight, and perhaps the crème de la crème of motorcycle options, the Odyssey Powersport range.

Odyssey is renowned for its TPPL (thin plate pure lead) technology, which contributes to its batteries having twice the power and three times the lifespan to one of conventional design. By introducing the TPPL solution into a motorcycle battery, Odyssey has developed a three part range that is engineered to meet the rugged demands of not just two wheeled machines, but for ATV/UTV and watercraft applications as well.

Despite being designed in the United States with the high cranking demands of Harley Davidson applications in mind, these Odyssey Powersport AGM batteries provide a great solution for any machine that requires a battery of large capacity and extreme vibration resistance, but also delivers the added benefit of a prolonged lifespan.

Naturally, in addition to the wide range of options it provides, Ecobat Battery can also help wholesalers when it comes to gaining the knowledge they require to tackle questions and address the needs of the motorcycle community, so click here to find out more.

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