EDT Automotive helps keep Cornerstone Autos’ customer bills down

Treatment helps to deliver reduced motoring costs and improved vehicle performance

EDT Automotive helps keep Cornerstone Autos’ customer bills down
Cornerstone Autos in Ilton, Somerset.

EDT Automotive is helping Cornerstone Autos in Ilton, Somerset deliver significantly reduced vehicle maintenance bills to its customers.

According to business director, Jeremy Gay: “We wanted to offer our customers a way to keep costly annual vehicle inspection bills down, especially with the DVSA implementing stricter emission guidelines.”

After exhaustive research, Jeremy decided upon the EDT offering because: “After our initial demo, we could see that EDT offers instant results that the customer is able to feel straight away.”

The business received its engine decontamination machine back in December 2018, and according to Jeremy it has played a key part in service bookings ever since.

Well received

Having carried out 52 treatments so far, EDT’s technology has been well received by Cornerstone Autos’ customers who often call back to confirm that the treatment has delivered the promised results: improved performance and a smoother drive.

EDT’s unique engine decontamination technology thoroughly cleans the oil system, effectively preparing it to receive the new oil without any of the impurities from the residue normally left after conventional servicing.

“Regular servicing is standard procedure for most people, but an EDT treatment brings extra peace of mind when it comes to preventing excessive fuel consumption and premature wear of internal components, as it reduces the chances of emissions being affected come MOT time,” Jeremy concluded.

Since opening its doors in 1998, Cornerstone has sought to offer the customer a combination of main dealer servicing quality and independent workshop care and pricing.

Although a relatively small team, consisting of two directors and six technicians, the staff has a combined total of 120 years’ experience in the motor industry.

David Holmes, managing director at EDT Automotive, commented: “Cornerstone Autos really understands the ethos of EDT’s brand, and as such is able to make the most of the opportunities it presents not only to its customers but also the business itself.

“I’m really pleased with the impact their EDT machine has had on the garage to-date.”

To find out more about becoming at EDT garage partner, please follow the ‘more details’ link.

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