Watch: EDT Automotive video showcases interior sanitation machine

Treatment improves air quality and is ideal for showing customers garages are ‘COVID aware’, says specialist

Watch: EDT Automotive video showcases interior sanitation machine

Award winning engine decontamination specialist EDT Automotive has released a new video to demonstrate the incredible results delivered by its interior sanitation machine.

Car interiors and air conditioning systems can be a ripe breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

‘Sick vehicle syndrome’ symptoms are many and varied – including headaches, nausea, runny nose, coughs, asthma, sneezes and eye irritation.

The video demonstrates the interior sanitation machine being operated in just minutes inside a sealed vehicle with a remote switch to deliver an anti-bacterial deep cleaning process.

Measurements taken before and after treatment illustrate over 99 per cent of germs and bacteria are killed by the treatment.

The cleaning machine atomises a ‘superfine’ anti-bacterial mist that is dispersed inside the vehicle and throughout the heating and ventilation system.

It even penetrates into fabrics, to work on carpets, seats, mats and head linings.

The treatment is certified as effective for long term protection against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) as well as corona and influenza viruses.

David Holmes, director of EDT Automotive said: “This machine quickly and easily delivers effective vehicle sanitisation.

“It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and safe.”

Garages using the treatment can reassure both staff and customers that they are taking effective measures to counter the risks posed by COVID-19 transmission from vehicle surfaces.

The treatment improves air quality and aroma inside the vehicle too, making it a perfect way for garages to show customers they are ‘COVID Aware’ and responsible.

Find out more about EDT Automotive’s equipment range by calling 01233 712341 or selecting ‘more details’ below.

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