New VW Golf equipped with FERODO brake pads

OE expertise soon to be extended to aftermarket with Golf VIII Eco-Friction brake pads

New VW Golf equipped with FERODO brake pads

FERODO disc brake pads have been selected as original equipment (OE) for 2020 Volkswagen Golf VIII hatchbacks, bringing the brand’s “power of performance” to the latest generation of one of Europe’s bestselling
passenger car models.

FERODO for more than 100 years has been a partner to vehicle manufacturers around the world.

The latest FERODO OE brake pads are engineered and tested to provide powerful, precise, quiet stopping performance and long pad and disc life under a full range of operating conditions.

Aftermarket supply

FERODO will soon extend this OE expertise to the replacement market with the introduction of Eco-Friction brake pads for the Golf VIII.

Eco-Friction technology features low- to zero-copper formulations that reduce heavy metals and emissions – resulting in pads that are green, safe and which provide outstanding stopping performance.

As an OE supplier, FERODO conducts up to a full year of testing to validate each new friction formulation in nine key performance areas: pressure, speed and temperature sensitivity; light and heavy fade; thermal conductivity; judder; noise; and pad and disc life.

Other test protocols, including ECE R90 testing utilized by many competing manufacturers, require fewer than 10 hours of validation covering just
three performance characteristics.

Silvano Veglia, director or product management for FERODO, DRiV Incorporated, said: “Vehicle manufacturers recognize that FERODO brake pads contribute to a superior driving experience through outstanding stopping performance, safety and reliability.

“At the same time, our status as a leading OE supplier – combined with full in-house production, a history continuous innovation and our extensive technical support capabilities – make FERODO the right choice for brake pad replacement throughout the life of a vehicle.”

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