Google’s secret weapon every garage should be using

Online expert reveals how to get Google to love you

Google’s secret weapon every garage should be using

Many garages dedicate time and money to their online visibility, but not many know how to deploy the secret weapon that can take it to the next level.

George Phillips, operations director at Garage Services Online, has revealed that harnessing the power of a Google Business Profile is a sure-fire way to get into Google’s good books.

He said: “The harsh truth is Google doesn’t care about your garage business; it only cares about finding the best answer for the person searching. And as it knows we all expect answers quickly, it needs to find the most reliable and effective route.

“This is where your Google Business Profile comes into its own. It’s the one review platform that we know for sure contributes to your Google ranking. But for it to do so, it must be fully optimised.”

George says the best way to do this is to spend time encouraging your customers to leave five-star Google reviews. Google trusts the wisdom of crowds and likes nothing better than to outsource its own work to find the most credible businesses to promote them.

He continued: “The more reviews you can get the better. It will favour a business with two hundred 4.5-star reviews over one with ten five-star reviews, so it’s worth the effort.”

As part of its standard service for new customers, Garage Services Online works with garages to fully optimise their Google Business Profiles. Many customers who have not already benefitted from the package have requested this work as an additional service after seeing the benefits.

George concluded: “It’s crucial that your website and Google Business Profile are fully aligned with each other. One helps to promote the other and gives Google the confidence that your business has the answer it’s looking for.”

To find out more about your Google Business Profile, contact George at Garage Services Online.

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