Why aren’t garages making a profit on their labour?

Garage Inspector casts doubt over whether workshops know true cost of running business

Why aren’t garages making a profit on their labour?

Thousands of independent workshops don’t know the true cost of opening their doors every day.

This is according to Andy Savva, aka The Garage Inspector, who says of all the garages he’s worked with over the last five years, only two of them had fully calculated what their overheads were and were charging a profitable hourly rate based on those figures.

His rallying call to help garage owners make more profit with less stress, can be heard on the latest episode of Tea Break Talk, one of the aftermarket’s most popular video podcasts.

He said: “Many garage businesses are set up by people who are brilliant technicians, but have no experience of running a business. This generally means they don’t know how to charge their true worth, or feel uncomfortable doing so.

“This isn’t helped by the fact that for the last 60 years, people think it’s acceptable to bargain with a garage on price – to tell us what we should be charging.

“You can’t do that in a restaurant, so why would a garage be any different?”

In the final episode of Tea Break Talk series one, Andy also talks to podcast presenter, Jim Lang, about the issue of customers supplying their own parts, why garages need a ‘real’ website to attract work from the under 30s, harnessing the power of individuality to outshine franchised dealers, and the undeniable link between attracting the right customers online, with profitability and the sector’s huge skills shortage.

Host Jim, an aftermarket online expert, said: “Andy’s insight into the running of a garage business has proved to be incredibly popular with our audience.

“The podcast’s aim is to help busy garage owners maximise their workshop’s efficiency, profitability, and long-term success.

“Andy’s passion to help garages shines through, and it’s been heartening to hear that he too champions the crucial link between a website that only attracts the profitable work a garage wants, and a business that’s makes more money and is less stressful to manage.”

Series two of Tea Break Talk will begin filming shortly. Catch up on all episodes of series one with Garage Services Online here and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

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