AdBlue added to Drivetec range

It's the latest launch from GSF Car Parts' own brand of products

AdBlue added to Drivetec range

The GSF Car Parts Drivetec brand has been bolstered by the launch of AdBlue, which is being rolled out across its network of branches in February and March.

It’s the latest launch from the Drivetec brand, which offers cost-effective solutions for garages and consumers.

Drivetec AdBlue will be available in a variety of pack sizes for maximum convenience for garages, as well as being housed in a robust PET material for external shaded storage.

It’s suitable for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless and biodegradable solution.

An ISO 22241 specification, it reduces the amount of harmful gases released in to the environment by diesel engines, minimising the impact on air quality and allowing diesel engine vehicles to comply with strict emissions standards.

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