Solving an acceleration issue on the Vauxhall Corsa 1.7 CDTi

HELLA's service tip may apply to a 'Fuel system leak detected’ error message

Solving an acceleration issue on the Vauxhall Corsa 1.7 CDTi

If a Vauxhall Corsa (D) suffers from poor acceleration and/or the engine cuts out sporadically while the car is being driven, a possible cause may be a defective or a blocked pressure control valve in the high-pressure pump.

These error symptoms might be found in connection with error code P0093 ‘Fuel system leak detected’.

If the valve is mechanically jammed by dirt particles, the correct pressure can no longer be built up in the common rail. The pressure difference is recognised by the control unit as a leak.

This fault often occurs after a fuel filter has been changed. If the filter housing is not cleaned carefully before inserting the new filter, particles can get into the system.

If no other defect is found in the course of the fault diagnosis on the injection system, the pressure control valve should be removed and replaced.

Furthermore, the valve seat should be checked and cleaned if necessary. Then the fuel system should be bled by switching on the ignition three times in a row for 30 seconds each time without starting the engine.

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