Hofmann Megaplan predicts the death of tyre changer tilt arms

New tyre changer expected to "shake up the industry" thanks to a revolutionary tyre fitting concept

Hofmann Megaplan predicts the death of tyre changer tilt arms

The 813XL from Hofmann Megaplan is thought to be the first of its kind with the introduction of the ‘par move concept.’

The patented parallelogram design works to eliminate flex, increase speed and reduce the required space.

A spokesperson said: “The first tyre changer of its kind, the 813XL from Hofmann Megaplan, features a new concept in tyre fitting which is set to shake up the industry.

“For most the sight of a tilt back arm is now common place on their tyre machine and has been for some time.

“However there have always been some drawbacks for certain users where space may be a premium or strength and speed is a priority.

How it works

“With the mounting head attached to a fixed vertical column, it rotates around pivot points rather than tilting back in the traditional manner, eliminating the possibility for flex.

“Less space is required as all movement is achieved through a series of pivots on the front of the machine, no need to leave up to 1m behind.

“Greater precision is also achieved due to the pins and bushings of the Par Move parallelogram system.”

For further information, follow the ‘more details’ link below or call 01480 891011 for more information and to arrange a free live demonstration.

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