Handy and versatile reciprocating air saw from Laser Tools

Costs £241.30 plus VAT

Handy and versatile reciprocating air saw from Laser Tools

This Laser Tools reciprocating air saw is equipped with user-friendly features, including a safety lock-off throttle lever, adjustable-position rear exhaust and a built-in two-speed design that significantly prolongs the lifespan of the blades.

It also incorporates a vibration-damping system that minimises user fatigue by reducing vibrations to a low level, in compliance with EN ISO 28927-8 standards (3.3m/s2).

The rear exhaust port is fully adjustable through 360 degrees, ensuring that exhaust air is directed away from the work area.

Gear-driven and featuring a patented reciprocating crank mechanism, this tool is designed for consistent cutting applications and significantly reduces blade stalling.

The two-speed functionality not only extends blade life but also enhances cutting speed, the 0.5hp motor operating at 5,000spm (strokes per minute).

The tool is compatible with both standard air-saw blades and 150mm reciprocating saw blades. Two types of blades (18tpi and 24tpi) are included, and spare blades are readily available: 18tpi (part number 92311), 24tpi (part number 92312), and 32tpi (part number 92313).

With a 1/4″ air inlet thread and a 3/8″ minimum hose requirement, it’s versatile and easy to connect. The sound levels are kept to a minimum, with a sound pressure of 80dB and sound power of 91dB.

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