Laser Tools highlights insulated torque range

Insulated tools and safety products for electric and hybrid vehicles

Laser Tools highlights insulated torque range

Part of the large Laser Tools range of insulated tools and safety products for electric and hybrid vehicles, its torque tools are manufactured to IEC60900 standards for 1000vAC / 1500vDC live working.

The Laser Tools torque wrench uses a ‘slipper’ type release mechanism instead of a traditional click mechanism.

When the wrench arrives at the set torque it will slip and continue to slip until the load is removed.

Any subsequent application of torque will result in the wrench continuing to slip ensuring the set limits cannot be accidently overridden as can happen with more traditional click type wrenches.

If torque angle has to be applied after the applied torque value has been reached, then the Laser Tools digital magnetic angle gauge is self-calibrating, measures 0-360° with ±2% accuracy and is manufactured to EN61326-1 and 2 approved and EU2004, 108, EC compatible standards.

The angle gauge is attached to the torque wrench, ratchet or swivel bar, and also attaches to insulated versions for high-voltage applications.

For accurate torque application to low-torque screws and bolts, the Laser Tools insulated torque screwdriver also features a slipper clutch action to prevent overtightening when working on mechanically-sensitive small fixing such as found on power controller boards, etc.

The torque range is 1-6Nm in 0.1Nm increments and again is safe for operators to use for live voltages up to 1000vAC / 1500vDC.

Indispensable when working on electric and hybrid vehicles, these tools are available now from your Laser Tools stockist — always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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