Introducing the Power-TEC 92676 dent puller kit

A solution for precision dent repairs

Introducing the Power-TEC 92676 dent puller kit

Glue pulling is an ideal repair process when there is restricted access behind the dent to be repaired, and when used with care the paintwork will not be damaged.

A new addition to Power-TEC’s range of quality glue-pulling tools is the 92676 dent puller kit, a comprehensive 34-piece set designed for hand-operated dent pulling without compromising your vehicle’s paintwork. This innovative kit is designed to effortlessly reduce small dents and dings in vehicle bodywork, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

The puller features adjustable feet for precision placement and control: the kit comes with two pairs of adjustable feet (pull-plates), offering a remarkable 30-degrees of movement. The longer pair features three mounting points, providing enhanced stability and flexibility in positioning the puller for optimal dent reduction.

The kit is specifically for use with a hot-melt glue gun, making it an integral part of a paintless dent repair system. This ensures that the dent is addressed without causing any harm to the vehicle’s paintwork – it’s ideal for small dent repairs.

Included in the kit: 28 assorted glue pads, which provide the adhesive strength needed for various dent sizes and shapes.

Two sets of adjustable feet and a hole-straightener attachment, allowing for the repair and compression of edges around holes in bodywork panels for a seamless finish.

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