Reduce time when removing diesel injectors with Laser Tools’ air-powered extractor

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Reduce time when removing diesel injectors with Laser Tools’ air-powered extractor

Introducing the Laser Tools In-line Air Hammer Extractor (part number 8727), which is engineered to simplify the challenging task of removing diesel injectors.

This innovative solution is compatible with all Laser 5/8″ UNF or M18 thread diesel-injector adaptors and is designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required for this procedure.

The Laser 8727 is designed to mount in-line with the injector you need to extract, enabling a more efficient transmission of impact force and vibration. The secret is the pneumatic hammer pull function: this extractor employs impacts to pull rather than push, ensuring precise and effective extraction.

This design not only enhances impact and vibration transfer but also reduces the overall working length, expanding its range of applications, particularly when used with the engine still in the vehicle. Suitable for any injector adaptor featuring a 5/8″ UNF or M18 thread.

Recommended for use with a wide range of Laser diesel injector adaptors, including the 4760 (Delphi/Bosch CR kit), 5128 (Bosch CR dual-connection adaptor), 7802 (Bosch Extractor), 6118 (Siemens M25), 6119 (Denso M20), 6120 (Siemens M27), 6121 (non-CR M12 injectors), 6122 (Delphi M14), and 6123 (off-line adaptor).

This air-powered extractor operates at 4500 BPM (blows per minute), with an approximate air consumption of 3.9 CFM, and requires a working pressure of 90psi.

Extracting diesel injectors can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming task. The Laser Tools In-line Air Hammer Extractor simplifies this process, reducing the manual effort required and allowing mechanics to complete the job more quickly.

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