Pichler Tools are out to demonstrate time savings to trade

Supplier of special tools are promising to make a hectic Autumn trade exhibition programme their best yet - as they plan five shows in under two months.

Pichler Tools are out to demonstrate time savings to trade

The European tool specialist, which operates from headquarters in Austria, has a 35 year heritage in designing and manufacturing specialist automotive ‘problem solver’ and ‘time saver’ tools.

The total range of over 12,000 items is available in the UK from Pichler Tools Ltd. The fast-growing business delivers direct to a wide range of main dealer and independent garage customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Visitors to the company’s base in Ashbourne, Derbyshire can see the tools in action, thanks to a fully equipped training and demonstration area. And Pichler say their commitment to trade shows and exhibitions is all about taking this proven approach out to a wider audience.

“Because Pichler specialise in developing unique solutions we very often find technicians are just not aware of the time and trouble we can save them,” said Steve Prince, Managing Director of Pichler Tools Ltd. “Garages are enterprising, so skilled technicians do try to find work-arounds, but there’s never any substitute for having the proper tools for the job.”

Given the practical nature of Pichler products, and the ‘hands-on’ customer base, Steve says it’s no surprise that ‘nothing beats product demonstrations’. Pichler have solutions for many vehicle systems including common rail diesel, timing, braking, and suspension.

“Unfortunately, breakages, wasted technician or ramp time, and even lost customers can be amongst the hidden costs for garages when they don’t have the right tools for repairs,” adds Steve.

Pichler Tools Ltd will be demonstrating at :

You can find out more about the individual shows from the links above. Garages and technicians interested in finding out more about Pichler Tools should call 01335 360759 or visit the website using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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