Polybush 44FC can combat V.A.G 5Q0-505-171 Failures

A fit-and-forget solution for VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda vehicles

Polybush 44FC can combat V.A.G 5Q0-505-171 Failures

Polybush has introduced the 44FC, a replacement for the Rear Lower Control Arm Inner Bush (Spring Bucket) 5Q0-505-171, compatible with over 21 VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda vehicles.

The standard rubber alternatives often suffer from galvanic corrosion, leading to alignment issues and necessitating the replacement of the lower control arm.

The Polybush solution offers a “Fit and Forget” approach, which can eliminate the need for regular replacements of V.A.G spring buckets. The benefits of Polybush can include longevity, with their bushes outlasting rubber counterparts by up to 4-5 times, along with improved control for a tighter, more precise steering response, increased tyre life, and no compromise in comfort.

Installation is straightforward, requiring no special tools. Simply remove the old rubber bushes and push in the Polybush. With nearly four decades of proven performance, including testing at Millbrook Proving Ground, Polybush is an OE supplier trusted by major manufacturers. Their polyurethane parts fit a wide range of vehicles, from classics to buses, luxury cars, and military vehicles.

For more information on the new 44FC bush, visit the Polybush website here.

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