Fit the Polybush 47B rear axle bush to prevent Astra headaches

Replaces OE part numbers 13311920 and 13340837

Fit the Polybush 47B rear axle bush to prevent Astra headaches

Introducing the Polybush 47B: a problem-solving rear axle bush designed to remove the need for constant replacement.

It’ll also transform the driving dynamics of your customer’s Vauxhall Astra Mk6 (J), Cascada (W13) and Zafira Mk3 (P12) models covering 2011 to 2018.

Why upgrade to Polybush 47B?

Eliminate OE woes
Say farewell to the frustrations associated with the OE rear axle bush (13311920 and 13340837). The Polybush 47B is engineered to outperform and outlast the OE solution, providing a reliable solution that won’t let you down.

Performance that endures
Manufactured in North Wales, Polybush 47B lasts four to five times longer than rubber alternatives; the improved design enhances suspension performance, offering a smooth drive and increased stability.

Ease of replacement
Hassle-free upgrade. The Polybush 47B serves as a direct replacement for the problematic OE bush, ensuring compatibility and a straightforward installation process. 47B can be easily fitted without any special tools and can be installed without removal of the rear axle.

Mechanic’s choice
The Polybush 47B means no more dealing with frequent failures and customer complaints related to the OE rear axle bush. Upgrade to Polybush 47B for a satisfied clientele.

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