Polybush solutions for the Land Rover Defender

Company offers a range of options for the 90 and 110 (2002-2016)

Polybush solutions for the Land Rover Defender

Whatever your customers need from their Land Rover Defender, Polybush manufactures a range of fit-and-forget suspension bushes that can get them from Tamworth to Timbuktu.

Choose to arrive in comfort, with ultimate steering control, or a bit of both.

There are three grades of polyurethane available:

  • Comfort (OEM)
  • Performance (towing, ultimate steering and adventure)
  • Dynamic (performance in comfort)

A full explanation of the types of bushings available can be found here.

Polybush provides bushes for all models of Land Rover, so is well placed to offer a solution if your customers require superior durability, huge resistance to wear and tear with an immunity to oil and fuel leaks.

The bushes, which are made in the UK, ensure improved stability, reduced vibration and prolonged longevity for a smoother more reliable driving experience.

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