TechMan encourages uptake of garage management software 

Will enable workshops to streamline operations and boost efficiency

TechMan encourages uptake of garage management software 

TechMan is shedding light on how a robust garage management system can revolutionise the running of garages and workshops.

With its features and user-friendly interface, TechMan enables garages to streamline processes, optimise resource utilisation, and boost efficiency, ultimately enhancing daily operations.

As the cost of living continues to skyrocket, the industry – and technicians – are facing increasing pressure to deliver top-notch service while managing costs, complex workflows and customer demands.

TechMan’s garage management system has been developed and designed to address the needs of modern garage businesses to succeed, drive growth and deliver exceptional customer service.

Born in 2014 from the Northampton-based In Town Automotive, which noticed a gap in the market for garages and workshops to have a digital and transparent view of its operations, the team created a garage management system that enables owners to gain a tighter grip on the daily running of the business.

Today, TechMan boasts an impressive community of over 12,000 automotive professionals spanning three continents who rely on its cutting-edge garage management system, driving an astonishing revenue of nearly a billion pounds annually.

From job creation to completion, TechMan’s garage management system provides a centralised platform for managing all aspects of workshop operations, including job scheduling and parts ordering, via its LKQ Euro Car Parts integration.

The brand’s platform allows workshops to maintain comprehensive customer records, track communication history and provide photographic or video evidence of vehicle defaults, fostering stronger customer relationships and loyalty with transparency.

Technicians and workshop managers can gain valuable insights into business performance and profitability with TechMan’s customisable reporting and analytics tools, via the advanced KPI dashboard, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Leo Freebairn, national sales manager at TechMan, said: “Efficiency is key to success in today’s modern workshops. Our garage management system provides businesses the ability to streamline operations, maximise productivity, and deliver exceptional service to their customers.

“By leveraging innovative technology and industry expertise, we are committed to helping workshops thrive in an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving market.”

Since its inception a decade ago, TechMan has been at the forefront of innovation, revolutionising the industry with its forward-thinking garage management system. The company has seen 546 percent growth in users, generating over £460 million in gross revenue.

Freebairn added: “By implementing the TechMan system our users have seen 1.43 million more jobs booked and over 2.3 million more hours invoiced over the last five years. And we’re on track this year to see further significant growth in all areas with even more integrations, solutions and innovations being added.”

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