CORGHI wheel alignment solutions for your workshop

REMA TIP TOP highlights CORGHI wheel alignment range

CORGHI wheel alignment solutions for your workshop

The EXACT Linear, is CORGHI’s latest addition to the 3D range, complimenting the successful EXACT Blacktech wheel alignment machine.

The EXACT linear’s evolution has been significant with the introduction of next generation cameras equipped with high resolution HiQ lenses.

EXACT Linear comes with entry level pricing but is built with top range specification.

Small investment for a big turnover.

User Friendly graphics and Icon based EXACT software is easy to learn and fast to select.

Software allows selectable printout in colour or black and white graphics only. Live adjustment, all angle values
indicated in real time.

For early guidance there is also a selectable online tutor to guide you through, step-by-step, with graphic indicator on how to proceed.

The EXACT linear is designed with an International Database by World regional area for easy selection.

You can select your area in the set up, but always have the rest of the world data available at your fingertips.

REMA TIP TOP’s premium wheel alignment solutions include the R.E.M.O. COMPACT and

Corghi’s REMO clampless wheel aligners compliment a portfolio of alignment solutions.

A REMA TIP TOP spokesperson said: “The product, six years in development was conceived in response to the need for a precision instrument that avoids all contact between the rims and mechanical equipment (clamps) during measurement. R.E.M.O. has achieved this using artificial vision technology to measure toein, and complete 3D scanning of the wheel.

“The R.E.M.O RAPIDE obtains measurements by the two stationary robots equipped with lasers and cameras
which acquire images as the car passes through the two scanners.

“CORGHI RAPIDE can provide a full scan in less than two minutes.

“This ultimately determines the angles and spatial coordinates of the wheel to a precision of one hundredth of a millimetre.”

For more information contact Bruce Somerville on 0113 2770044 or select ‘more details’ below.

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