New Revive application pump brings improved usability

Small calibrated nozzle fits any air intake whilst pick up tube can be used for 1litre bottle or the 20litre drum

New Revive application pump brings improved usability

Revive has announced the launch of a new application pump for single person operation and the capability to service twin turbo vehicles.

A Revive spokesperson said: “Following the success of Revive, we have had many enquiries for a single user application and larger engine solutions.

“The challenges we foresaw were firstly to introduce sufficient Revive into the engine and secondly to do this safely.

“Our engineers have developed the pump unit to combat both challenges by enabling the unit to be operated via a smartphone app whilst sat in the driver’s seat, plus the pump unit now allows Revive to be contained and supplied in larger quantities.

“The process is the same as the hand pump.”

The pump unit features a small calibrated nozzle that enables it to be fitted to any air intake, whilst the pick up tube can be used for either a 1ltr bottle or the 20ltr drum.

The technician selects the engine size and maximum revs of the engine via the app.

The app indicates the appropriate engine revs and shows a time bar for the engine run duration for each application.

The spokesperson added: “The pump unit has the added advantage of being able to run DPF Revive through as part of the process, and can also be configured to spray through two intakes simultaneously, ideal for twin turbo/ twin inlet engine configurations.

“The pump unit has practical applications in the commercial vehicle, marine and static engine sectors, as well as enabling a single operator to quickly and simply Revive any vehicle.”

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