Revive reveals benefits of petrol engine turbo cleaner

Variable vane technology can be major cause of turbo problems, reports expert

Revive reveals benefits of petrol engine turbo cleaner
Revive's petrol turbo cleaner.

With many cars now fitted with direct injection, Revive says that the problem with fuel being delivered straight to the cylinders instead of through the intake is that there is no longer any fuel backwash over the valves.

This backwash traditionally kept the valves cleaner for longer, ensuring that the valve correctly seats each time it moves.

A Revive spokesperson said: “Without the aid of the fuel backwash the face and stems of the valves start to develop carbon deposits which can impede the operation of the valves and, in extreme cases, lowering compression in the cylinder, causing rough running of the engine or hesitation through the rev range, leading to a drop off in performance and fuel economy.

“Because most treatments on the market are designed to go in the fuel tank, this also means that they will bypass the areas that need cleaning and get burnt up during combustion.”

Revive petrol is a non-toxic, non-flammable treatment that, like its diesel counterpart, is sprayed into the air intake of the engine, ensuring that it will take the traditional path through the valves and into the combustion chamber.

Revive’s nano technology means that while it is entering the intake at velocity the special Revive molecules contained in the fluid stick to both soft and hard carbon deposits, gently scraping them away from any surface it touches on the way though the engine.

As the fluid is not combustible it will avoid symptoms like clatter and engine run away, avoiding any possible damage to components as well as providing a recovery of lost power, better MPG and a smoother running engine.

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