Ring introduce new battery analyser for comprehensive vehicle health check

RBAG950 is a multi-functional unit for 12V and 24V vehicles

Ring introduce new battery analyser for comprehensive vehicle health check

Ring has unveiled the RBAG950, a state-of-the-art battery analyser offering a thorough health check for 12V and 24V vehicle batteries and electrical systems. This includes motorcycles, cars, and vans, and is compatible with a variety of battery types – lead acid, AGM, EFB, gel and LiFePO4 lithium batteries, as well as start/stop batteries.

The RBAG950 is more than just a run-of-the-mill battery analyser. It’s a multi-functional tool that tests the battery, alternator, starter, and vehicle earth. A user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy to use, and the results can be printed, viewed on other devices via an SD Card, or accessed with a QR code.

One of the key features of the RBAG950 is its ability to diagnose faulty batteries. It detects if a battery falls below the critical 12.5V threshold, indicating potential plate damage. Ring advises technicians to ensure every supplied battery is above this voltage.

The RBAG950 also comes with a three-metre cable for easy access to the battery, regardless of its location in the vehicle. This feature allows a single technician to operate the unit, saving valuable time in the workshop.

For more information on the RBAG950, please visit the Ring website here.

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