Snap-on autumn 2023 software upgrade has landed

Updated features and enhancements available

Snap-on autumn 2023 software upgrade has landed

Technicians who upgrade to the autumn 2023 version of the Snap-on software release will enjoy uninterrupted access to a universe of dynamically updated resources.

Workshops can confidently service customers with a tool containing unparalleled depth in general and collision repair coverage for Asian, domestic and European vehicles.

Features include:

Security Link: Secure Gateway Access with Snap-on software available for Ford (OEM registration not required), Nissan and FCA vehicles.

SureTrack and Fast-Track ID Tips: Presentation of SureTrack and Fast-Track ID tips are formatted to give section headers and bolds text, making it easier to read and find the relevant solution.

ZEUS+ Only: Easier battery level indicator. The battery icon id now easier for the user to identify battery percentage, and colour indicator if the battery is good or low.

Custom data lists are available across all manufacturers allowing you to select data parameters that are in different data groups 

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