LION and Sogefi sign agreement to develop ‘light battery LION’ concept

Development aims to "fill gap" as current systems require compromise between modularity, integration and cost

LION and Sogefi sign agreement to develop ‘light battery LION’ concept

Lion E Mobility AG (LION) and Sogefi (SOGEFI) have announced an agreement, combining LION’s technology in battery management systems and module design with SOGEFI’s industrial capability in engineering and manufacturing of high tech automotive cooling components, as well as access to SOGEFI’s global sales and distribution capabilities.

With EV technology playing an increasingly role in the automotive sector, the LION – SOGEFI partnership will leverage both companies capabilities to address the challenge of electrification.

The light battery and battery management system (BMS) of LION and the strong automotive skills and track record of SOGEFI will be a perfect set up to become a key partner to the OEMs.

Light battery is an innovative technical concept, composed of cylindrical cells, it combines high mechanical stability with equalizing effects over its lifetime.

It is highly cost competitive and safe at high energy density and uses innovative cooling solutions.

The current battery systems on the market require a compromise between modularity, integration and cost.

The light battery aims to fill this gap by using standardized building blocks of cells consisting of cylindrical cells than can be configured into various module sizes to fit specific design spaces, battery capacities and voltage levels.

This, combined with a highly effective direct thermal management system and an innovative single cell BMS approach, makes the light battery concept suitable for high performance applications but also effective for the mass market.

Mauro Fenzi, SOGEFI CEO said: “SOGEFI’s air and cooling business unit understanding of automotive products, its deep engineering, research and development and manufacturing expertise with cooling products and Lion’s advanced battery technology are uniquely complimentary.

“Both the companies believe this cooperation will generate industry leading technology products and solutions, in the fast-growing battery and thermal
management markets.

“With plants in EMEA, Americas and Asia, along with close-to-client locations in those markets, this partnership will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients into the EV emerging technologies designed by LION.”

“A transformational milestone”

Alessio Basteri, Lion Chairman said: “Partnering with SOGEFI is a transformational milestone for LION that will boost the beginning of mass production of the light battery.

“With access to their advanced industrial plants, research and development and a worldwide sales network we will be able to provide our products, and build the next generation of EV battery products and platforms.

“Together, working as a team, we will unlock the full potential of engineering, testing and manufacturing and place our clients on the best path for success in the new EV landscape.”

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