Supertracker STR1 Mobile wheel aligner launches

Specially adapted for mobile wheel alignment, the STR1 is easily stowable in any van

Supertracker STR1 Mobile wheel aligner launches

Supertracker has just launched the STR1 Mobile, a laser wheel aligner now available for vans, offering mobile wheel alignment. The STR1 green laser wheel aligner features a robust, compact bracketry system so it can be securely stowed inside vans with ease.

The compact design includes a locking nut system to securely hold the measuring heads and scales in place when on the move, with foam inlays on the base to protect the equipment from any knocks. By operating green lasers, the STR1 uses less power than a red laser to achieve a higher light output. Once fully charged, the heads can operate continuously for over 15 hours.

STR1 MOBILE comes as standard with:

• 2 x Bracketry system for holding heads and scales

• 2 x Measuring heads

• 2 x Rear scales

• 1 x Steering wheel lock

• 1 x Pair dished turn plates and bases

• 1 x Charger unit

The STR1 laser wheel alignment system is a straightforward solution to four-wheel alignment, offering a cordless, hang-on system that accurately measures toe and thrust angle. Now featuring green lasers, the system improves the visibility, clarity, and precision of the laser lane, offering a notable advantage for mobile wheel alignment.

The STR1 green laser is also available as a wall-hung solution, or on a trolley for manoeuvring around the workshop or garage, and now as a mobile solution that can be securely installed inside a van.

Supertracker wheel alignment machines are assembled in the UK, and you can find out more infomation about the STR1 Mobile here.

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