TecAlliance data management solution covers full sales potential

Remanufacturing expert Borg Automotive optimises product data quality and opens up new sales opportunities

TecAlliance data management solution covers full sales potential

Data specialist, TecAlliance provides the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM) with the data management solution Carsource Catalogue Utility (CCU) that combines parts information from vehicle manufacturers (OE Data) and international car parc data (VIO).

Borg Automotive uses this solution to optimise its data management and get a better view of market potentials to even better tap the full sales potential.

All product-related data is now managed within the PIM system that allows to cover gaps in the product range in a short time.

Borg Automotive is one of the largest European companies in the automotive parts remanufacturing business, producing more than two million remanufactured units per year. The Danish company offers a global portfolio of quality parts for most modern cars and light commercial vehicles, available through distribution partners in Europe.

All products of their eight product groups are listed in the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading replacement parts catalogues, and can directly be ordered via the B2B platform Order Manager. “Almost all our customers, i.e. wholesale dealers in Europe, do their business using TecAlliance solutions.

Sten Højland, purchasing director at Borg Automotive said: “It’s never been an option for our company not to be part of the system. It’s difficult to open a door and do business in the European aftermarket without TecAlliance.”

The company also relies on TecAlliance’s OE Data and Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data for product portfolio optimisation and competitor analysis.

VIO contains more than a billion registered vehicles from six geographical regions, including more than 60 identifying characteristics for the vehicles.

At the end of 2017, Højland was looking for a product information management (PIM) solution for Borg Automotive.

As they had to enter product data twice – once for the TecDoc Calatalogue and once for their own website – they needed a solution that allowed them to work with only one system, avoiding inconsistencies and helping to optimise data quality.

After a thorough decision and preparation phase with several workshops and meetings, Højland was convinced that CCU was the best solution for Borg Automotive and the implementation project started in 2018.

TecAlliance’s CCU solution is more than a data management tool to upload data to the TecDoc database. International car parc information (VIO data) and OE data are fully integrated into the system, which allows Borg Automotive to compare their data with OE data, analyse their product portfolio in comparison with competitors and identify potential gaps and sales potential at product level.

“One of the biggest advantages of CCU is the direct connection to the TecDoc database.

“We no longer have to type and maintain our data twice.

“All product-related data is now managed in one system so that it can be used both for the TecDoc database and our own website.

“Because 98 per cent of our customers in Europe use TecDoc data, it is very important that our data be optimally represented in the catalogue.

“The product information must be as comprehensive and detailed as possible and our products must be correctly linked to all suitable vehicles.

“We have been using CCU for one year now and we are still very satisfied. All the employees who work with the system are really happy.

“If there are new cars on the market, they have the data available from day one.

“They can see which of our products fit and directly link them to the vehicles based on the new product implementation numbers.

“It’s really like the information that is necessary to increase sales opportunities is now served on a silver plate. In addition, they can get a list of gaps and see where links are missing.

“We have to keep data up to date and make sure that our product range is always complete – for four to eight product groups. CCU makes this work so much easier.”

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