New timing chain instructions available from TecAlliance

Additions cover passenger car, light commercial vehicle and large commercial vehicle applications

New timing chain instructions available from TecAlliance
Regional sales director CEE, for TecAlliance UK and Ireland, Shaun Greasley.

TecAlliance has introduced several new timing chain installation instructions into its all-inclusive repair and maintenance information for the independent workshop.

The latest additions cover passenger car (PC) applications, light commercial vehicles (LCV) and large commercial vehicles (CV).

Commercial director for TecAlliance UK and Ireland, Shaun Greasley said: “In fact, the latest applications, which demonstrate the unrivalled depth and reach of TecAlliance data, are for vehicle manufacturers as diverse as BMW to Zhonghua and include more than 700 new vehicles in the last quarter alone.

“With these instructions now on the system, TecAlliance users can find solutions for almost 29,000 passenger cars from 146 individual brands, more than 4,300 LCVs from 38 brands and 12,661 CVs representing 11 brands.”

Among the mainstream PC brands, the greatest number of additions come from Vauxhall/Opel at 49, with 29 for Renault, 24 for Peugeot, 21 for BMW and 16 for Toyota, whereas on the niche side, there are three new instructions for Maybach. When it comes to the CV sector, it’s MAN that tops the tables at 260.

Shaun adds: “These specific instructions represent just one element of the overall TecAlliance repair and maintenance information package, which includes VM labour time estimates for more than 20 million service actions, 7.5 million test and adjustment values, four million maintenance plans and service intervals, 3.9 million technical manuals and a myriad of electrical system data for both PCs and LCVs, to highlight just a few.

“The complete TecAlliance offering however, encompasses data, processes, integrated solutions and consulting services to create the infrastructure the independent automotive aftermarket needs to survive and thrive over the long term”

For more information about TecAlliance, contact Shaun Greasley on 01829 752888 or email [email protected].

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