Seasonal MOTs “sticking around for a while yet”, industry expert says

MOT demand expected to stabilise gradually but 2021 data still shows 3.4 million tests being completed in September

Seasonal MOTs “sticking around for a while yet”, industry expert says

Seasonal MOTs, brought about following the Covid six-month MOT extension, are expected to “stick around for a while yet”, The Test Centre Training has said.

A The Test Centre Training spokesperson said: “Last year experts predicted a surge in demand for MOT tests after 5.5m cars used the six-month Covid exemption and they weren’t wrong.

“Cars, motorcycles and light vans due an MOT between March 30 and July 31 in 2020 were eligible for a six-month extension due to the nationwide lockdown.

“The knock-on effect is that high numbers of vehicles now need the annual test between September and December for the foreseeable future.

“In addition, September is particularly problematic, due to the huge number of new cars registered every year.

“For example, there were 2.8 million tests completed in September 2019 but a whopping 3.5 million in September 2020.

“Over the years, this is expected to stabilise, but the 2021 data still shows a massive 3.4 million tests being completed in September.”

The advice for test centres is to train all technicians to become MOT Testers, taking advantage of the extra demand.

The spokesperson added: “Having qualified testers provides an opportunity to maximise revenues during the peak times.

“It’s best to get them trained before September, preparation is key.”

The Test Centre Training has additional courses throughout the summer to manage the extra demand.

Courses are available for technicians with or without qualifications and delegates can complete their DVSA demonstration test with The Test Centre Training.

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