Valeo’s revolutionary clutch technology

The unsung hero of a transmission system

Valeo’s revolutionary clutch technology

The clutch is an integral part of a manual transmission system. It facilitates the smooth and efficient transfer of power from the engine to the transmission, allowing for the precise control of vehicle speed and acceleration.

Valeo is on a mission to provide solutions for all powertrain architectures, with innovative technologies that have been developed for simple and efficient power transfer from the engine to the transmission, all while reducing fuel consumption.

From clutch covers to clutch kits, all Valeo transmission system parts are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, ensuring maximum reliability and performance.

All individual clutch parts, such as clutch discs, clutch release bearings, and clutch master cylinders, are manufactured to the highest standards, as are the complete clutch kits. Valeo’s expertise in research and development has resulted in low noise and high satisfaction for drivers.

Valeo’s technical expertise is further exemplified by their dual clutch systems. Dual clutch systems, in particular, combine the best of manual and automatic transmissions, enabling quick and efficient gear changes. These systems feature the latest clutch technology in both dual dry and dual wet clutches, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Valeo’s commitment to technical support ensures that their customers always have access to the latest clutch technology and expertise. From manual transmissions to dual clutch systems, Valeo has the solutions to meet the demands of any powertrain architecture.

Clutches may be the unsung heroes of transmission systems, but Valeo’s mission to provide solutions for all powertrain architectures and their expertise in clutch technology ensure that they’re never overlooked.

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