What are marine alternators? Valeo has the answers

Marine alternators are similar to their automotive equivalents, but there are some differences

What are marine alternators? Valeo has the answers

As a supplier of low, medium and high voltage systems, Valeo know its alternators. Marine alternators have the same functions as automotive alternators, which is to supply either a 14v or 28v supply of electricity to a boat’s electrical system.

When comparing an alternator from the automotive and the marine sector they use the same basic characteristics when it comes to operation.

However, when looking at the amperage of an alternator in the automotive sector, alternators range on average from 145 amps upwards to 300 amps in the modern market, depending on the vehicle.

Marine applications are at the other end of the spectrum, with most small to medium sized marine boats averaging around 55 amps. However, when looking at vessels that have a large need for high amperage the output of the alternator has been seen to reach upwards of 500 amps plus.

Different power requirements

The systems on marine applications range from ignition systems, on-demand power needs and keeping the boats battery charged at and maintained at the correct voltage. On-demand power is equipment or components that require power to operate while the vessel is running its engines.

When it comes to the marine sector, this list can become large. Some of the basic systems range from radios to winches. Valeo’s marine alternators are capable of handling these power requirements.

Advantages of Valeo marine alternator

  • Valeo marine alternators come with extra coating protection for harsh sea/salt environments.
  • Valeo marine alternators can be prepared to work with third party external regulators enabling a wider range of application and part standardisation.
  • Marine alternators have internal brushes which can create sparks. To combat this, Valeo marine alternators have a plastic cap fitted to the rear of the alternator which prevents sparks entering the enclosed engine room.

Valeo marine alternators: the OE solution for Volvo Penta engines

Volvo Penta has introduced several industry-first innovations to the marine engine market, including the sterndrive unit, contra-rotating propellers Duoprop, and Forward Drive.

Its engines are used by more than 140 boat manufacturers including Fairline Boats, Sunseeker, Riviera, Four Winns, Sea Ray, Hanse, Bavaria and Cranchi.

Volvo Penta has a strong presence in the marine commercial segment; many passenger ferries, workboats, military vessels, dive support vessels and fishing vessels utilise Volvo Penta engines for propulsion, power generation or auxiliary equipment such as bow thrusters.

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