Corteco highlight electrically switched engine mount issues

Attractive prices for alternative parts often carry associations with poor performance, say Corteco

Corteco highlight electrically switched engine mount issues
The Corteco OE quality replacement campaign moves to another level.

In the latest round of workouts with garage technicians, Corteco explained that electrically switched engine mounts are designed to provide alternative responses to variable driving conditions.

Although initially available on prestigious marques such as the Audi A4 or A6, they are increasingly found on a wider range of popular cars.

When drivers switch to ‘sports’ mode, for example, the suspension as well as the engine and transmission mounts ‘stiffen up’ in order to adapt to anticipated changes in driving conditions.

Sports mode

The electrically switched engine mount compensates for an anticipated increase in engine ‘rock’.

Technicians at the seminar, which was arranged in association with the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA), learned that engine mounts like this are tuned to each vehicle at the point of design – they are not interchangeable.

They were told that although some alternative brands might look OK, will fit and are priced attractively, too often it’s because the OE technology on the inside has been replaced by solid rubber and nothing more.

The cross-section shows the degree of engineering inside an OE quality electrically switched engine mount supplied by Corteco.

Vibration control

The complex series of chambers inside and the movement of the fluid between them, produces the variations in vibration control required to match the driving mode selected by the driver.

The sophisticated ‘hydromount’ technology controls the interaction between the mount and the rest of the vehicle suspension system.

Solid rubber inside some alternative brands cannot achieve this, it offers no variation in driving mode and delivers little in the way of vibration control.

In the debate that followed, the technicians agreed that if the point of the job was to reproduce the ‘switch over’ control intended by the vehicle designer and to deliver the OE quality ride expected by the vehicle owner, it made sense to select an aftermarket brand supplied by an OE supplier.

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