Video: Customer slams fast fit after dash cam caught tech taking Focus ST for a “joyride”

Owner confronts workshop with video but is disappointed with offer of discounted tyres

Video: Customer slams fast fit after dash cam caught tech taking Focus ST for a “joyride”

A customer has made dash cam footage of a fast fit technician taking his Ford Focus ST for a “joyride” public.

After picking up his pride and joy, the 26-year-old was stunned to find a technician flooring it during a three-minute test drive, at one point reaching a 52mph in a 30mph zone.

Matt Nutt had left his car with The Tyre Factory in Littlehampton, West Sussex to have two new brake pads fitted, according to a report by the Mirror.

“I check the dash cam every time”

Matt said: “You hear about these kind of stories so I check the dash cam every time I leave my car with someone.

“Straight away you could tell from the engine noise that he was going too fast, even before I could actually see the speed.

“When I had a closer look I was shocked to say the least.

“He floors it, he’s well above the speed limit.

“Had there not been more traffic on the road, I’m sure he’d have gone a lot quicker than he did.

“I would expect them to take it round the estate to test the brakes.

“But I wasn’t expecting them to go out onto the main road, and I certainly wasn’t expecting them to drive like that.

“I was really surprised he drove like that because the camera is clearly visible.”

After returning back to the garage to show technicians the footage, Matt said he was offered a set of discounted tyres.

He said: “I’m really disappointed because they’ve always seemed reliable in the past.

“The staff are really nice and friendly, they smile at everyone.

“Clearly the way they treat the cars they work on is not how they treat their customers.

“I wouldn’t want to take my car back”

“I wouldn’t want to take my car back there for any work now because I couldn’t be sure it was done safely.

“It feels like they’re trying to sweep it under the carpet.

“I know it sounds petty but it does hurt,” he added.

“I spent so much time working on the car, so to have someone sitting behind the wheel doing something they shouldn’t and then after all that saying it’s s***, it wasn’t very nice.”

The Tyre Factory has yet to respond to media requests for comment.

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